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Sometimes a person can experience uncomfortable feelings (anxiety, stress, depressed mood, worry), and can't put their finger on why they feel that way. We help you locate the reason for your distress. Other times a person does know the source of their feelings or problems, but they feel unmanageable. In that case we help you find direction while facilitating your coping skills. Using a combination of Humanistic, Cognitive, Solution-Focused, Relaxation and Stress reduction models, our mission is to be helpful, resolve issues, and guide you to solutions in the most expedient, caring and respecting manner.

Our specialties include issues of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, as well as the counseling of people living with physical disabilities. We work together with our clients to raise esteem and to value themselves through the encouragement of self expression, and join with our clients in their pursuit of "a life that works."

Licensed | Board Certified | Affordable

We are licensed in Pennsylvania and certified as hypnotherapists by NGH and NBCCH. (Hypnosis only employed upon request.) We honor Aetna and UnitedHealthcare plans. However, if you don't have insurance or prefer not to use insurance for reasons of confidentiality, we believe you'll find our fee is surprisingly affordable.

Dr. Morton L. Axelrod, Ph.D., LPC, NBCC, NCPsyA, NBCCH
Toll Free: (800) 290-0989 * Local: (484) 919-2866 * Fax: (610) 265-1797